Starting a blog for your print business

There is strong evidence that a blog is one of the best attraction strategies for your print business. In fact, according to Hubspot – 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their blog.

If you require help with your blogging – remember that blog content generation is just one of the many online marketing services for printers that we offer.

What is a blog good for?

  • It becomes the voice of your business
  • It enables you to convey your firm’s expertise
  • It gives people a reason to visit your website
  • It can be used as a vehicle to stay in touch with your potential customers

Getting started

Understand your audience – the first step is to understand your potential customers and the kinds of content they are looking for. If you get to know them and their problems you can develop a more effective content strategy.

Develop a content strategy – always start with a plan and understand the types of content you are producing, when, how often and why.

Get writing – clearly you’ll need to put in the time producing great quality blog posts for your audience to read. Writing becomes habitual and is certainly a lot easier once you just get started with it.

Promote your blog – you are likely promoting your business but promoting your blog in its own right is a very smart strategy because if your blog can become popular enough, it will become a powerful marketing tool for your business, so be sure to look for opportunities to promote your blog as a content hub in your industry. Promoting it and seeing how popular it is getting will act as a motivator for you and your team when it comes to regularly creating articles for it.

Be persistent – in the beginning, the number of people reading your posts is likely to be very small but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t persist with blogging. It is a worthwhile strategy and we all know that good things come to those who wait.

Combining with other online marketing

A blog should sit at the heart of your online content marketing efforts. It becomes the content engine of your business and you can use the posts you produce to drive other aspects of your online marketing.

Blogging combined with email marketing – email marketing is a very powerful channel in today’s online world. Whilst some would argue it is an outdated tactic, those in the know recognise that in a busy world where there is so much noise from all angles, communicating with prospects via email is one of the few ways to reach them effectively. Combine your email marketing with the blog content you produce as a reason for staying in touch and being useful to your potential customers.

Blogging combined with social media – it can become challenging constantly interacting with your audience, particularly in some industries which perhaps have fewer natural opportunities for social conversations but when you combine the blog content you produce with your social media efforts you are creating a powerful combination. Social becomes a channel for driving traffic to your website and the content you produce becomes the reason for your social media outposts to exist.

Blogging combined with SEO – producing good quality, relevant and keyword-optimised content on a regular basis will be beneficial to your overall SEO efforts because you can link the article to other pages on your website thereby benefiting from internal links which can help boost your rankings. Also given Google’s recent freshness update, producing good content on a regular basis will likely improve your visibility in the search results.

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