SEO means Seeking Every Opportunity!

Running a busy web to print business takes a great deal of time and energy. So much so that the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not a discipline to which you can possibly devote the time it takes to stay abreast of all the latest developments, no matter how crucial effective SEO is to the performance of your business. SEO really is a subject where outsourcing to a specialist is genuinely the best solution.

You know you need to constantly Seek Every Opportunity to win more business, and effective Search Engine Optimisation is a key element in achieving that. Attracting a constant flow of new visitor traffic to your website is an essential part of your overall sales effort.

Of course, it would be terrific if SEO was an exercise you could carry out once, do it really well, and that was that. But of course it isn’t.

Search Engines continually develop and refine their techniques for ranking websites, and so SEO specialists must always work just as hard to keep pace with the latest developments and keep the websites they manage at the top of the rankings.

It should be realised, however, that although the Search Engines constantly keep us all on our toes, they do it for all the right reasons. It’s not about creating unnecessary work for the rest of us, it’s about sifting out the ‘cheats’ and genuinely trying to provide the best possible service for the user.

Put simply – if you’re searching Google for ‘business stationery’, you want to end up getting directed to the website of a high quality, reputable and efficient printer; and not some shifty operator who just happens to have a website crammed with all the right keywords but no useful content or service offering!

So the Search Engines continually evolve, becoming better and better at recognising sites with genuinely useful, fresh, relevant content; and consistently ranking these sites the highest.

This is why it’s important that, in additional to building it properly in the first place, your website stays fresh and up to date with good relevant content, all the right words and phrases used in the right ways, current news or blogs, useful links, and so much more.

If you’re not on the first page of search results for the right search terms for your business, then frankly, you’re nowhere at all. And while this ‘page one ranking’ is certainly achievable for almost all businesses, it does require a continual effort to stay there.

At OPS, we’ve been achieving this for our clients for years; both in the initial build of the site, making it attractive to all the Search Engines (because not everyone uses Google!), and in its on-going maintenance and development. We achieve excellent results, which is something we’re very proud of.

If you’d like us to give an honest appraisal of your existing site and outline what improvements we could make to your Search Engine rankings, then please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to take a look.

And if you’re a print business thinking of taking the first step into offering a web to print solution, and want to be sure you’ll end up with a website which really does the business, then our Online Print Solution is for you.

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