Let your web to print UK customers quicky work out the best dimensions for their print objective and budget

When choosing the most appropriate web to print software, UK printers may be surprised to learn how helpful the OPS ordering interfaces can be to their customers.

As a simple example, look at Flexpress’s high-resolution printed PVC banners for outdoor use. If the customer is not sure what size they can afford to choose, they won’t need to tie you up for hours on the phone asking for multiple quotes. All they have to do is simply type in some height and width dimensions to get started. The software instantly produces a price for that size, and any change to either dimension prompts an instant modification of the price quote displayed.

If you’re wondering how else you could use this sort of facility to make your day-to-day work life easier, check out Instaprint’s range of business cards. Here the customer is offered a standard card with various options for turnaround, corner shaping, Pantone spot colour matching, card stock weight, lamination finishes, single or double sided printing and the size of the print run. Altering any one of these settings is reflected automatically in the displayed price, not just in the overall price field, but also in the table below where prices for the various available quantities are set out in full. It’s really easy to weigh up all the many options available and their impact on price without having to check each individual idea with the printer, and they can spend as long as they like mulling over their various options.

The OPS system can be customised to work just as well with your own bespoke range of printing services, whether you’re using it as an ordering service or as an online print shop, and you can modify the details as your business continues to grow and develop and your requirements change.

Online Print Solutions offer a brilliant opportunity to provide this extra facility to your existing customer base while reaching a whole array of new clients globally online via web searches. Spend less time on customer communication, order processing and office admin and more on growing your business even further.

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