Web to print Storefronts

We’ll now introduce three new terms which we hope will further shed light on the whole web to print world, namely B2Client, microsite, and Storefront.


We’re already familiar with B2B and B2C, and perhaps to a lesser extent C2C (Consumer to Consumer, e.g. EBAY).  When thinking about selling print to specific clients with their own logins, it can be helpful to use the new term B2Client.  This is subtly different from B2B inasmuch as although it is still a B2B transaction, it takes place in a particular way.  After all, a B2B transaction could take place in a B2C webshop.


Referred to in this context as the web to print storefront. The private area where the B2Client transaction takes place can be termed a microsite, thus emphasising that it has been set up for a specific purpose, contains confidential information, and is only accessible via a secure login.

The Storefront

What the user sees after login

For starters, the “welcome” should be personal, for example the user might see their own company logo and/or colours.  They should then be guided through the storefront system in a straightforward manner, having access to data including order history and of course the client-specific templates.  There could be a small number of these, or there could be thousands, depending on the client and the individual user within that client.

Customer service

We’re talking about online business, but let’s not forget the importance of the personal touch and the availability to talk or message “live” if required; and the relationship would almost certainly have been established in the first place by face to face meetings.

It’s all or nothing

 We’ve come across a great quote and insight – selling web to print is different to selling print.  Think about it – a client may buy from more than one printer, but they are unlikely to link to more than one web to print system.  If you don’t get in first, you may not get in at all!

Creating quality web to print storefronts is what we do, and we’re good at it.  Come and talk to us and find out how we do it.


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