Web To Print Software

We’ve talked a lot about how the web to print solution should function for the user, and we’ve touched on some aspects of how the web site should be designed.  What we’ve not covered until now is how to manage the content of the website, how to update products and prices, how to review orders, how to add customers, and so on.  This is sometimes called “back office management” i.e. sorting out the ‘behind the scenes’ “stuff” that makes the whole web to print system function properly.

Web To Print: Content Management Systems (CMS)

We’re fortunate today in that the world of software development has evolved to a point where writing new “code” has become very easy.  Of course there are still applications where deep programming skills are required, but with the advent of CMS platforms it’s now very straightforward for virtually anyone to tailor their websites without having any web coding skills at all.

A very popular CMS is called WordPress.  It is very easy to use – just like a Word Processor.  It is hugely flexible.  It has numerous bolt-ons (known as “plug ins”) to enhance existing and provide new functionality.  It is what we call “Open Source” – gone are the days when you are dependent upon scarce and expensive web developers.

WordPress is SO good that a reported 27.5% of all websites now use it – and we do too!  In fact we’ve developed a deep expertise in making it work brilliantly for our clients.

Web To Print Back Office: It’s Easy To Configure

So we’ve established that it’s easy to do – but what is the range of functionality and content that can be configured?  The short answer is almost everything.

First of all you’ll want the look and feel of the system to be familiar and conform to your branding.  Then you’ll want to integrate your social media platforms.  You’ll want to be able to simply add print customers.  You’ll not only need to add products with thumbnails and other images, but also their pricing and how you want it calculated and displayed, along with all the possible printing options.

You’ll want to be able to add new products and change things within seconds, and have the changes instantaneously live on the site for your clients to see.

Web To Print Software: It’s All Possible

Our OPS web to print software – based on WordPress – does all this, and more, and takes all the hassle away from selling more print online.

Creating quality web to print software is what we do, and we’re good at it.  Come and talk to us and find out how we do it.

Flex 4 have been providing best-in-class W2P solutions and digital marketing services for print and graphic design businesses since 2004.  We have numerous satisfied customers right across the country.  We are UK-based – all of our team work out of our office in Kendal.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, flexibility, and desire to please – we would love the opportunity to show you what we’re capable of.

If you’d like more information on our company please click here, or here for our contact page, or call us any time on: 020 7952 8160 and as always we will be delighted to answer all of your questions and give you all the help that you need.