Web to print benefits – The headlines

For the technology to flourish and be a genuine “win-win”, it must work for the client and for the printer.  It’s no use in the long run if one side of the equation benefits and the other side doesn’t, so let’s look at each in turn and see if we have the “win-win” that we’re looking for.

Web to print benefits: The client’s perspective

 Essentially there are three broad benefits:

Cost Savings

Since the web to print process reduces the cost of order processing for printers, clients will naturally expect some of those savings to passed onto them – and all the evidence suggests that this in fact happens. Printers, of course, need to be careful that they don’t over-commoditise the service, particularly as it’s all online: all this will do is drive margins down.

Brand Protection

It’s a hugely important area. Protecting and then reinforcing the client’s brand through the effective use of pre-agreed w2p templates and designs is an absolute must for all business customers – particularly those who devolve a degree of decision-making from head office to branch level.

Business Efficiency

This follows on from cost-saving, but takes in more elements.  Administration reductions, improvements in internal reporting, inter-departmental collaboration, convenience of being able to order 24/7, all have a part to play.

Web to print benefits: The printer’s perspective

From the web to print benefits listed above, that it could be a driver to reduce margins, so why would printers be interested?

Cost Savings

Mirroring the client benefit, an online print ordering system will reduce administration time and people costs, thus saving money and therefore – providing the sale price can be retained – increasing margin.  This particularly applies to smaller orders, where the cost of order administration can at best eat into and at worst outweigh the profit.

Client Retention

If a client uses your online print solution, and is happy with it, it becomes second nature to them to continue using it.  After all, why would they change if everything works satisfactorily?  So the printer has the opportunity to secure a longer term commitment from the client, and sell them more and higher value products over time.  Furthermore, a client is likely to use more than one printer but unlikely to link to more than one web to print supplier.

Improved Customer Service

By giving your clients exactly what they want exactly when they want it.

Increased Enquiries

Using digital marketing in tandem with a fully fledged web to print solution will drive up visitors to your web site.

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