Why fresh content is critical to a successful print website

Your website should be an evolving entity. Every update you make should be made with your visitors and customers in mind, as well as search engines. A static website which is left un-managed will never offer anything new, which won’t engage your visitors or get you regularly noticed.

Your potential customers and search engines a like love fresh content and sources of useful information. If you’re regularly updating your website with relevant and quality content you can expect your visitor numbers to increase, with the ultimate aim of your print order numbers increasing with it.

Regular fresh website content brings more frequent indexing

Search engines such as Google crawl the internet using bots which visit your website, look at all your pages and content and then automated algorithms use this information to build search rankings.

If the search engine bots regularly see new content being added to your website they will know to visit more often and thus index all your great content much quicker. That said, we’re not talking about just volume of content, all the content you add must be high quality. Stuffing your pages with low quality or duplicate content is going to do your print website more harm than good.

There are many different content types you could utilise, building a content strategy is a great place to start.

More great content creates more opportunities to optimise

Every piece of content you add to your website be in a print product, blog, guide or design template is an opportunity to optimise for your target keywords. That’s not to say your content should be stuffed with them, as a print expert you’ll be able to write informed content that naturally includes all your required keywords.

You can also include your keywords in the web address, page title and meta descriptions. These all contribute to search rankings and click through rates.

Fresh content builds authority and trust

Adding valuable and informative content to your website will position you as a local authority in your field. The more you publish (providing your content is great) the more readers you’ll attract and the more links you’ll generate. This will build your domain authority which is a sure-fire way to increase search rankings.

Positioning your print company as the local authority will also build trust with customers who will be far more likely to think of you when they (or anyone they know) require your services.

Regular content updates give you something to share

Another great reason to be creating fresh content is that it gives you something to share to your audience either through your social media channels or email marketing. If your content is engaging enough then your followers will share it with their contacts. Social shares not only generate more website visitors but they are now a strong search engine ranking factor.

Free Infographic: Successful Digital Marketing For Printers

E-commerce infographicThrough our online print solution Flex4 have many years experience of working with print companies to take their business online. Our print eCommerce platform is powerful, flexible and has everything you need to sell print products online. We also know how to market your eCommerce website to ensure it’s found and most importantly generates print orders.

We’ve put together an infographic demonstrating all the ingredients required to form a successful digital marketing strategy in the print sector, you can view it here.

Digital Marketing For Printers

Flex 4 have been providing best-in-class W2P solutions and digital marketing services for print and graphic design businesses since 2004.  We have numerous satisfied customers right across the country.  We are UK-based – all of our team work out of our office in Kendal.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, flexibility, and desire to please – we would love the opportunity to show you what we’re capable of.

You can request a free demonstration of our web to print solution or contact us for more information. As always we will be delighted to answer all of your questions and give you all the help that you need