How printing quotation software saves time and increases efficiency

In today’s fast-paced business world, time is money and efficiency is key. So it’s good to know that web to print digital services are transforming yet another part of the print industry: the speed and accuracy of the print quotation process.

Printing quotation software is the latest benefit of modern web to print ecommerce systems which allow customers to order their print orders in a far easier and more streamlined way.

How print quotes used to work

Remember when a customer needed to submit a print order and had to make a phone call with their details, wasting time trying to get through a busy account handler and then often needing to wait and chase for the quotation? Customers would be clamouring to know the price details so that they could authorise the job and get it away to print in time for an event or campaign. The stress was real!

Web to print software has changed this for the better

Contrast this labour-intensive process of old with today’s slick and streamlined web to print e-commerce process. Here’s how it works:

1. The customer’s quotation request

As the customer, you simply complete a ready and easy form on the printer’s website. It contains fields for everything that the production team need to know to supply an accurate quote, so there is no need to go back and forth with additional information requests! The beauty of this process is that it works for everything, from simple orders right through to complex jobs.

2. Quote request generated in order management area

In the back end, the printing quotation software will then generate a print quote request ticket which will automatically be sent to the production team. They will receive a notification of your request, see that all of the necessary information is provided and then use it to formulate an accurate cost.

3. The customer benefits from accurate pricing and efficiency savings

The extra bonus? The accuracy of the information for the print quote means that your price will be consistent. Furthermore, it is likely to be extremely competitive as web to print services cut out wasted time and resource for the printers, meaning that cost savings can be passed on to the customer.

4. Rapid quote turnarounds

The production team will then use the web to print ecommerce software to send their quote and add any useful notes that you need. This could include questions about artwork production or print specifications.

5. It’s time for the customer to order their print

You will then receive an email with your tailored quote and the option to pay immediately online and to upload the artwork. At this point, the job now moves to production in an incredibly slick and seamless process with no phone calls or time-wasting involved. You’re happy, your design team are happy and your end customers are delighted!

Web to print experts

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