The Power Of Print In A Digital World 2019

In 2019 we live in a world where if a business do not have a strong digital presence then it’s undoubtedly missing out to rivals who do. Now more then ever businesses are leveraging the power of social media and email marketing, as well as building strong search engine visibility, and they do this for good reason.

Research shows that 81% of consumers conduct research online before buying, with 61% starting at a search engine. It’s entirely logical to recommend that any business should ensure their digital presence is a good one.

However, you’d be wrong to believe that the rapid rise in digital communications has resulted in the slow death of print marketing. Firstly, it’s be shown that 70% of people are more likely to remember a brand they’ve seen in print compared to online. Plus, print marketing is still generating very credible results in a host of industries.

Still not convinced? Here are our top 5 reasons why print should still be part of any marketing strategy:

1. We apply trust and credibility to print media

Many people still read newspapers, magazines or printed mail they receive. They also pick up brochures, leaflets or price lists at a tradeshow event. It’s true that people may not do any of these as often as they used to print is not a medium you can ignore.

Statistics show that printed media is still the most trusted source of advertising. Information people read in a local newspaper or reputable magazine is generally viewed are more credible than online ads such as pop-ups and re-targeting – which are often seen as a nuisance.

It takes more time and effort to produce trustworthy print media which naturally creates more credibility.

2. Print marketing is key to local advertising

Print is still a key form of communicating to a specific local audience. A local print marketing campaign using newspaper adverts, flyers, brochures and posters is highly likely to be seen by your intended audience.

Social media channels allow marketers to select an audience based on the information they hold on users, but doing this far from guarantees enough of the right people are seeing it. A well placed poster or a flyer placed directly into a persons hand is going to be seen many times over by the people who matter.

3. Print can be seen many times over

Research suggests that 80% of internet users have never clicked on a banner ad. Banners can be seen as intrusive, much in the same way as an unexpected flyer through your door.

However, even if the flyer goes straight into the recycling bin the viewer will still often at least glance over it. More likely, especially in a work environment, a marketing flyer or brochure will sit on a desk and provide a constant reminder.

Digital messages are visible one day and gone the next, print can provide far more prolonged branding opportunities all for just a one-off cost.

4. Beautifully crafted print literature is easy on the eye

For many people in today’s world looking at electronic screens for many hours a day is a necessity rather than just a personal choice – and this can take it’s toll on our eyes.

A professionally designed brochure for example, printed to the highest standards can be far more easy on the eye. Plus, eye catching printed materials are especially useful when your messages are a little more wordy.

According to this study reported by Forbes, people tend to scan digital messages for keywords and read content selectively. So if you need your audiences attention span to last longer, print really is the way forward.

5. Print offers a wealth of variation

No matter if you have a requirement to advertise with lots of wording or make a big impact with imagery, you’ll find a print format to suit. Full page ads, advertorials, magazine inserts and flyers are a few great examples of how diverse print advertising can be.

If you ensure your print materials stand out from the norm and offer something highly useful you can gather enough interest to drive your audience to act.

To Conclude

Far from saying that you should consider ditching your digital marketing tactics (in 2019 that would obviously make no sense), we’ve highlighted how the power of print shouldn’t be under estimated. If anything your print campaigns can complement your digital channels by driving engaged readers to your easy to use and engaging website or social media profiles.

Finding the right balance between digital and print will give your brand the best of both worlds.