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Matrix Pricing Example

Our business card printing service provides great advertising for yourself and your business.

As business cards are often the only thing that you leave with a person to remember you by, it is essential that your business card leaves a lasting impression. Our business card printing service uses a high quality 350gsm card as a standard option. 

Standard Turnaround:  5-7 days

Xpress Turnaround: 3-4 days 15% extra

Panic Turnaround: 1-2 days 25% extra

Same Day  Turnaround:  50% extra

Artwork required as high resolution pdf file
All images in CMYK colour
3mm Bleed
No crop marks


  • Size: 85mm x 55mm
  • Material:  400gsm card for Standard Cards
  • Laminating: Matt, gloss or soft touch laminate

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Sides Printed
Spot UV
Round Corners
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Popular Matrix Pricing Example Designs

Minim - Marketing & Design Blue
Minim - Marketing & Design Light Blue
Minim - Marketing & Design Orange
Minim - Marketing & Design Purple
Minim - Marketing & Design Red
Edge - Transport & Auto Black
Edge - Transport & Auto Blue
Edge - Transport & Auto Grey


What type of file formats to you accept?

Adobe Acrobat PDF format files are our preferred choice. PDF’s must be press optimised (print ready) with bleed, crop marks and fonts embedded.

Quark Xpress or Adobe InDesign files are acceptable if ‘collected for output’ (QuarkXpress) or ‘packaged’ (Adobe Indesign) so that all the files and fonts are included. Pages must be set up to the correct size with bleed.

Illustrator files are acceptable, ideally saved in .EPS format. Bleed and crop marks must be included and all fonts converted to outlines.

Photoshop or similar files should be supplied as 300dpi CMYK, TIF files with LZW off. Highest quality JPG is acceptable, bleed and crop marks must be included.

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files are acceptable, but ideally should be converted to PDF format.

Additional notes:

PDF files 
When creating PDF files please note that books or booklets over four pages must not be supplied as spread always create a PDF containing individual pages. This does not affect your original Quark or InDesign files which may have been set up as spreads.

If your artwork requires bleed (i.e. if it extends off the edge of the page) you must allow 3mm bleed. We also recommend that any text is kept at least 5mm away from the edge of the page.

Photographic images should be supplied as 300dpi CMYK.

For lithographic print, images must be supplied in Pantone Spot Colours or CMYK format if full colour. 
For digital print, ideally images should be supplied in CMYK format.

Help!! I need some advice – can you help me? 
Of course just call us on 0 30 30 30 0403 during normal office hours. We like helping people!

Are the prices listed on the site final? How do I know the total cost?

The price list indicates basic prices of products against the speculative quantities. There are additional costs for shipping dependent on the delivery schedule you choose. The final cost will be shown once all this criteria is selected.

Will my print colours be the same as I see on my computer screen?

No. This is because the image you see on your screen is made up of RGB colours and your screen is in effect a big light bulb, so what you see is called additive colour. As paper cannot be illuminated, the ink colours do not have the benefit of enhancement by light, thus making them brighter (commonly referred to as subtractive colour). We do however calibrate our printers to ensure the best colour range possible. Many cameras also show a colour cast i.e. slightly yellow, or blue for instance. If this is very obvious we will adjust your image before printing. If in doubt we recommend you order a proof. If you do not order a proof you will be agreeing to accept any final prints unchecked.