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Matrix Pricing Example A matrix is the most common pricing approach used on Print eCommerce websites. With OPS the vertical columns are used for formats with a range of pre-set quantities used for the rows that complete the matrix. View Prices  
Price Lookup Example Quantity entry allows simple products to be sold simply by the user entering a quantity and adding to their shopping basket. This approach could be used for products like roller banners or promotional items. View Prices  
Large Format Example Large format pricing is used for products like banners where the selling price is based on either a price per square metre or price per square foot. Additional pricing options (or attributes) can also be used View Prices  
Linked Attributes Example We offer a range of formatting options and layouts. Display your information in the way you want. View Prices  
Graphical Example With image-based attributes, you can showcase your product options in a visual way instead of using dropdowns, checkboxes or radio buttons. View Prices  
Display Only Example For bespoke products, or a product currently no longer available, display a form instead to generate enquiries instead of ordering online. View Prices